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famille | Le ragondin du Maine est-il la bonne race pour toi ? 23 juillet, 2007

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Êtes-vous un amoureux de chien à qui veut possèdent un chat ? Si oui, le chat de ragondin du Maine est la race pour toi. Cette race est extraordinairement intelligente et a une personnalité qui est plutôt un chien qu’un chat ; par exemple, un chat de ragondin du Maine pourrait décider de prendre une immersion insouciante dans la piscine pataugeante de votre famille.

Le ragondin du Maine est connu comme géant doux. Ces beaux chats pèsent dedans n’importe où d’à neuf à 22 livres et même à l’extrémité lourde de la balance, ils ne sont pas gros. Ils ont un visage carré, un cou épais, de grandes oreilles, grands, arrondis yeux, et un grand, musculaire corps. La queue est longtemps et tout à fait touffue.

Cette race de chat était première vue au Maine vers la fin de 1800′s et très probablement développée son manteau épais comme manière de se protéger contre les hivers amèrement froids dans ce secteur. Quand la race a été établie la première fois, seulement la couleur brune de tabby a été identifiée. Cette couleur de manteau et la queue touffue du ragondin du Maine lui ont donné le regard d’un raccoon, par conséquent la référence au « ragondin » dans le nom. Aujourd’hui, cette race vient dans beaucoup plus des couleurs identifiées, y compris le noir, bleu, crème, rouge, écaille, écaille bleue, blanc, fumée, tabby argenté, tabby brun, tabby rouge, tabby bleu, le tabby, et bicolore crèmes. Les chats peuvent avoir le vert ou les yeux d’or, à moins que leur fourrure soit blanche, dans ce cas, les yeux peuvent également être bleus ou mal adaptaient.

Le ragondin du Maine obtient le long bien avec d’autres chats, chiens, enfants, et juste au sujet de chaque autre type d’animal, excepté des rongeurs naturellement. Ils sont notoires pour d’excellentes capacités de chasse. En plus ils ont des personnalités merveilleuses et sont la race parfaite pour des familles. Cependant, ils sont également contenu étant le seul animal dans un ménage tranquille.

Les chats de ragondin du Maine sont un peu du côté vocal. Cependant, mewling ces chats font est un bruit de gazouillement plaisant que peu de gens trouvent gêner.

Avec son long manteau, le ragondin du Maine a besoin de toilettage fréquent. Vous devriez être disposés à peigner complètement dehors le manteau de votre chat au moins deux fois une semaine. Si le manteau commence à développer des noeuds et des vrilles, vous pouvez devoir le toiletter plus fréquemment.

De façon générale, ce descendant des chats robustes de ferme est une race saine. Si votre chat semble se sentir sous le temps, il a très probablement un problème de hairball. Naturellement, vous devriez chercher le soin vétérinaire pour être sûr qu’il n’est rien plus sérieux. Tandis que vous parlez à votre vétérinaire, vous pouvez vouloir le consulter au sujet d’alimenter à votre chat des aliments pour chats avec la commande de hairball.

Dave Owen est le propriétaire de mon minou, où vous obtenez l’information que vous avez besoin avant d’acheter votre chat…


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The Rise and Fall of Route 66 22 juillet, 2007

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U.S. Route 66, though no longer an official U.S. highway, remains a coveted symbol of America’s history and culture. One of the first highways in the United States Numbered Highways system, Route 66 opened to traffic in the 1920s, establishing an unprecedented direct route along an over 2,400 mile stretch between Chicago Illinois and Los Angeles California. Though the highway was decommissioned in 1985, its spirit lives on through historic designations as well as numerous pop culture references in books, songs, television shows and movies. In The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck coined the phrase « The Mother Road » in reference to Route 66, a nickname for the highway that remains widely recognized today.

Route 66 played a valuable role in the development and growth of businesses and communities throughout the eight states along its course. Passing through many small towns, the route spurred the establishment of numerous family owned businesses such as restaurants and gas stations aimed at capitalizing on the increasing number of travelers along the highway. Such events as the Dust Bowl and World War II prompted the westerly migration of many Americans, increasing traffic on Route 66 and further contributing to its popularity. The route also saw increased traffic in later decades due to vacationers en route to Los Angeles as well as its accessibility to such attractions as the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert located near the highway. Throughout the years, many businesses relied solely on patrons traveling along Route 66 for their sustainability, including Missouri’s Red’s Giant Hamburg, the first ever drive through restaurant.

As the techniques used in highway construction progressed, Route 66 underwent many major changes and realignments throughout its existence. Sections of the route were upgraded, with parts being converted to four lane highways. President Eisenhower’s extensive 1956 plan for building a massive network of interstates throughout the country marked a major contribution to the decline of Route 66. Despite business owner’s concerns and some organizations’ efforts to preserve the highway, portions Route 66 gradually began to be replaced by improved interstate routes in several states. In 1985, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials formally decertified Route 66 as part of the U.S. Highway System.

Portions of what remains of Route 66 have been converted to other state and local roads and loops, while other sections were simply abandoned. Several states have retained the highway’s original name in some form, such as designating parts of the former Route 66 as state highways or historic routes incorporating the number 66. Though the original Route 66 is no longer published on maps and can be difficult to navigate, much of its path can still be traveled by nostalgic adventure seekers.

About the Author: Greg Chapman, of Greg Chapman Motors, is a leading used car dealer Austin has depended on since 1959. For more information please visit Greg Chapman Motors.


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How To Sell Cars Online…

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How can people just like you be selling cars on Ebay motors, which they don’t even own, and make a killing at it? This definitely is a new wave!

People are actually beginning to sell cars they don’t even own, and without having to talk to the buyers and get paid for it. This really reminds me of a personal friend of mine who started this car magazine many years ago before the internet. He was acting as the broker between the vendors and the buyers, and became a millionaire in the process.

In this era, the systematic approach is much the same but 1000 times more powerful. You take the world’s largest market (cars), and apply the same principles to the world’s largest medium (the internet), and voila! And all you need is a digital camera as you would to sell anything on Ebay.

So this relatively new method pioneered by this young guy, is a real treat for anyone who wants to make a serious second income, or for that matter a full time income selling cars online. Its innovative, unique, and as authentique as I ever seen.

The bottom line, is that this method has an interesting twist to it. I’m surprised that nobody has even thought of it before. Of course my friend is a millionaire and has sinced retired young to his native land (Italy), but if he were here today this would definitely get his blood boiling again.

This is definitely the next wave of internet entrepreneur millionaires with a twist. It’s amazingly simple. Think of all the small time car dealers in your area, and offer them to post their cars on Ebay for a handsome cut, or all the personals selling their cars. All you’re doing is acting as the go between and you never have to deal with the buyer.

For more information on this unique stream of income, visit Driving Online Dollars.

Jon G. Michel is author, published freelance writer, and webmaster at No part of this article can be copied, reproduced, unless the author’s bio is included.


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Auto Maintenance – The Money Saver

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Taking care of your auto and spending a little money on it now will save you money in the long run.

How true the expression « pay me now or pay me more later is ». For instance;

Spend a little extra money to do the wheel alignment if your tires wore out from uneven wear. If you don’t the new tires will wear out prematurely and you will spend more money on tires again.

Replace those spark plugs and wires as suggested by your auto manufacturer. It’s cheaper to do it as maintenance than develop a misfire or break down on a long trip causing more expensive damage plus inconvenience.

Change that oil every 3 to 4 thousand miles to keep the engine clean. Dirty oil creates sludge and lessens gas mileage not to mention major engine repairs for lack of maintenance.

Check those brakes. Brakes usually last 30 thousand miles in the front and somewhat longer in the rear. It is much cheaper to replace the brake pads and shoes when they are getting thin rather than wait until they are metal on metal and ruin the drums and rotor.

If the car drifts one way or another and/or the steering wheel shakes while driving it should be check very soon. This condition can cause other components to wear plus it is a safety issue.

A « check engine » light on, misfire, stalling condition, or hesitation should be checked immediately. These symptoms can rapidly cause other damage and can lead to very expensive repairs if ignored.

Many of today’s autos have timing belts. These are of the same basic materials that the other drive (fan) belts are made of. The timing belt is probably one of the more expensive and more important maintenance items you will have to do. Follow your manufacturer’s time and mileage recommendations for this service. Many of today’s engines are called « interference engines ». This means if your timing belt skips or breaks the valve and pistons are no longer in sync and will hit each other causing very extensive damage internally to the point of having to replace the complete engine itself. A timing belt is a VERY IMPORTANT SERVICE.

With all of the expenses we occur in today’s age it is very easy to put off auto maintenance because there is always tomorrow. Unfortunately tomorrow may be the time you are on a long trip for vacation and the car breaks down. This may very well be MUCH more expensive to repair than what it would have cost for routine maintenance not to mention a vacation cut short and ruined.

Keep the old buggy maintained and it should run trouble free for a long time. Today’s vehicles tend to last much longer than those of the past.

For more auto tips and ideas please visit my blog at

I have been a auto technician for 40 years and would like to share some knowledge


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Bonjour tout le monde !

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Bienvenue sur, vous venez de créer un blog avec succès ! Ceci est votre premier article. Editez ou effacez le en vous rendant dans votre interface d’administration, et commencez à bloguer ! Votre mot de passe vous a été envoyé par email à l’adresse précisée lors de votre inscription. Si vous n’avez rien reçu, vérifiez que le courrier n’a pas été classé par erreur en tant que spam.

Dans votre admin, vous pourrez également vous inscrire dans notre annuaire de blogs, télécharger des images pour votre blog à insérer dans vos articles, en changer la présentation (disposition, polices, couleurs, images) et beaucoup d’autres choses.

Des questions ? Visitez les forums d’aide ! N’oubliez pas également de visiter les tutoriels listés en bas de votre tableau de bord.



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